About Us

Source2Hire is a premier recruiting firm located in Cleveland, OH.  Our purpose is simple, we partner with organizations large and small to help hiring managers and human resource departments find ideal candidates.  Our mission is to learn your hiring needs and help you achieve those goals.  Like the name states, Source2Hire will partner with you from the beginning of the sourcing process to the on-boarding of the hire. Our prioroty is to deliver talent that you haven't discovered yet and attract the candidate to your opportunity.

Source2Hire offers a full range of recruiting services that assist small and large organizations nationwide. Our approach focuses on finding great people while improving the efficiency of critical hiring – assisting in delivering results through implementing key people into your organization in a more efficient manner.

Source2Hire excels in specialized, time-sensitive, high-volume searches on a regional or national level. Typically, our clients engage us to address specific workload peaks or recruitment challenges, such as those created by company growth or reorganization, product launches, sales force expansions, or hard to fill positions.